In the office, you'll find General Manager Steve Marshall. During the ginning season, he's in the gin as much as he's in the office.

Gene Seale has joined us as the Assistant Manager.

Alan Stemme is the Office Manager. He has worked for the gin since 1998 and can do almost anything from driving a module truck to solving computer problems.

Taking care of our fleet of Module Trucks is Russell Woods. He has been with Glenbar Gin for about 30 years now.

In the Gin, you'll find ginners, Justin Switzer, Tim Wiedmeyer and Jason Roberts. They are all certified by the National Cotton Ginners Association. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the gin during the ginning season and they perform upkeep and maintenance during the off-season.

Many part-time employees also work at the gin during the ginning season. These include yardmen, module truck drivers, office workers and general laborers. Glenbar Gin cannot run without the safe and effective efforts of these hard workers.