Great thumpin in yer face broke

staggerin, rollin around, headachy, blubberin broke—

and the wants...


I got the new car wants.

I wanna new car–

Not just any old new car.

Not a Ford– thunk

nor a chebby trocke uuhhhn–

but a little run out & jump in and

quick- turn around and jump out

whiz—whiz- whiz kind of car-

robin egg blue or minty jade green-

look at yer face in the shine–

zip - zip - wow kind of car

with an exotic name like

yaris or aveo.  A real wrinkle

proof - kapow- kick yer caddy

in the ass and run off dancin kind of car.

A sixteen thou - ou - ousand dollar



But I’m broke


My friend of over 30 years says

“Tom I got the dough– the real sit on yer ass shakin out

green stuff.. Say the word and you can take

that little whiz bucket dancin..


“Ah -h -h , thank you good buddie” says I

“But what about that little drag behind

you been wantin for yer

Minnie Winnie?”


Hey Tom, I don’t really need that -

Its just a bucket of bolts and besides that

blah blah blah & I just like to see you happy.


Well in spite of an occasional case of the wants–

I guess I am happy – I’m happy I got friends like

you and old marj and mitsu who are willin to put up with my BS.

So ?? - So who wants a little old blue tin can?