A time

 came when Mary

wanted a quiet place to relax

and enjoy the beauty of Gods creation.

So God gave her a place in the Mountains where there

were deer and cool grassy glades and fat silver trout and great

Golden Eagles. Some of the best of all his creation.

She often came there all dressed in white

with a blue sash and golden

roses on her shoes.



was a dashing

figure. He would sometimes

Take a deer or a fat silver trout to eat.

He even caught an eagle and trained it to hunt.

She saw immediately that he was gentle and pure of heart.

When he glimpsed her one day, he fell in love.

He knew she was the single most

beautiful woman in all

Gods creation.



He dreamed of her.

He searched but could not

find her. Only unexpected glimpses.

So gradually he came to understand she was

a special creature of God. It occurred to him to convert

to Christianity. Still how could he be sure. He

yearned for a sign. Anything to make

Gods will clear to him. And

then Carlemagne




Terror and hunger

claimed the city and castle.

All seemed lost. A golden Eagle he had

trained and released just for Her, swooped down from

heaven and caught a fat silver trout as it leaped from the stream.

Then back up and over the castle wall where Lorus

watched, astonished. It was the sign he

had been praying for. Quick,

He flayed the royal



Not for

himself but for

the King. A feast for



That same day

The bishop came and

made the Saracen a Christian.

And Charlemagne moved on, another

city conquered. Lorus continued in his rule beloved

by all, but most by Her, His royal queen, the queen of heaven.

And so when Bernadette came by, and spied Her in

her Grotto, it was no great surprise.

And miracles yet prevail at